Mass Gain » трехдневный сплит

Mass Gain » трехдневный сплит

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1 «12 тренировок»

Duration in days: 26 Amount of training days: 12 Rest days: 14
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This summary table shows the boundary values of the main parameters of training. This helps to better understand in what mode will be carried out workouts. All training programs of the AtletIQ are developed considering principle of variability of the training scheme.

Training intensity for each exercise ( what is it ?)

This graph provides information about how the intensity of the workouts in this program will change, and what contribution to the overall load each of the exercises will make. In other words, you can assess which workouts will be easier, and which — heavier.
For each exercise AtletIQ calculate a weight (or adjust the number of repetitions), so that you can perform a specified number of repetitions with a given load level.

Example 3 of 12 workouts

Workout #1
2 min
scores 0 kcal
Workout #2
2 min
scores 0 kcal
Workout #3
2 min
scores 0 kcal

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