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For girls just beginning

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Start the "bodily" transformation program with productive female workouts

23 days
12 workouts
50 minutes
Goal Maintenance
Difficulty Beginner
Workouts 12
Workout place Gym
Program's exercises: 11 (Beginner, Intermediate)
Workout weeks AXBXCX
Periodisation schemes 3 simple
Every girl, before seriously engaging in heavy exercise, needs to undergo a baptism of fire, and so should train herself before exercising. Instill yourself with basic exercise skills and prepare the body for increasing the load with the help of the «For girls just beginning» specialized program.

877 athletes have chosen this routine to train

Start your training from 18 Jan 2018 and achieve results in 12 workouts!


  • Maintain good physical fitness
  • Boost your endurance
  • Improve overall health
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Improve mental health
  • Overcome yourself and develop willpower

What do you get:

  • Personalized training program
  • Mobile assistant
  • PDF with workout plan
  • Free program updates
  • Adjustment of working weights for you
  • Motivation and support of the fitness community «AtletIQ»

What will be required:

  • Equipment: dumbbells, barbells, gym machines
  • Desire to follow a training program
  • Regular meals and sufficient time for sleep
  • No additional physical activity (sometimes)

Do it Yourself: effective training from the ground up for women

When activated, it will be charged 8 points
Pay for each workout
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The program "For girls just beginning" is designed to adapt the muscles to intense exercises. It is equally suitable for those who are just discovering the workout room, and those who want to quickly get in shape after a long break in training. The effectiveness of this exercise program is so high that result in muscle tone possible within a short period of time — only 23 days. This cycle time isn’t chosen accidentally — this is approximately the period of regular repetitions of exercise that contributes to the formation of muscle memory, and faster recovery after prolonged muscular atrophy.

The program is based on a combination of moderately intense aerobic and anaerobic exercises involving all muscle groups while developing targeting endurance, helps build muscle and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Despite the fact that most of the exercises are aimed at developing the leg muscles, it will not affect their hypertrophy, and only contribute to strengthen the tendons and joints. At the same time an exercise complex influences the buttock, thigh and so the gluteal group will become more pronounced, and the total weight gain tends to decrease due to the activation of metabolic processes.

Why training with AtletIQ is more effective?

The secret of effectiveness lies in the variability of the training regime and the variable intensity of training.
All workouts are interrelated
A diverse and interesting training of different intensity.
Online training diary
Remembers your working weight in all exercises.
Smart load adjustment
The system of adjusting the load to your capabilities.
Work/Rest timer
Every second counts!

How to train on this program?

The super-convenient application «AtletIQ» leads you through your workout and step by step gives precise instructions for doing the exercises.

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